Rocket League is a game of pure skill

cheappointssale | 10 April, 2019 07:20

Before getting into the action, it is strongly recommended to go into the Options menu and change the default settings of the camera. The Rocket League Items we offer, also used by the champions of the Rocket League Championship Series, will immediately improve your view on the playing field and will allow you to more easily follow the movements of opponents and companions. Once the Rocket League camera parameters have been set, we are ready to take the field and put our skills into play. Remember that Rocket League is a game of pure skill, and no object can give you an advantage over your opponents.

Rocket League physical abilities, everything concerning the control of the machine and the ball. This category includes throws, passes, parades, dribbles, aerials, up to freestyle. All these skills can be trained directly in the game or, more selectively, through personalized training, available in the appropriate section in the main menu of the game.

Rocket League mental skills: the set of all skills related to strategy, position in the field and interaction with teammates and opponents. Our guide is focused precisely on this kind of skill, since inside the game you will not find anyone who will tell you how to stay in the field, but only teammates ready to criticize you at the first mistake.

To scale the boards of the new tournament system or to increase rank in the Rocket League competitive system, it is necessary to develop the two categories mentioned above in parallel. In fact, one of the best strategies of the game is to wait for the opponent to make a mistake, and then punish him on the break. This does not mean waiting for the ball in the goal, but rather trying to apply a constant pressing, so that the opponent feels, in fact, under pressure. Especially in 2vs2 and 3vs3, a team member, in rotation, must always be on the ball.

The concept of rotation is fundamental in the Rocket League. In short, however, we can try to circumvent this definition by saying that there are no roles in the Rocket League. If a defending player rejects the opposing action, then he automatically becomes the new attacker; consequently, the offensive player must take the place of the defending partner and be ready to support the action from behind. This technique allows you to have total and constant coverage on the pitch and is therefore the basis of correct positioning in the field.

However, the key to trying to be in the right place at the right time is to be aware not only of the Rocket League Trading of the opponents, but above all of their companions. The first rule, in fact, consists in giving space to one's partner, especially when he is in possession of the ball. Being in two, or even in three, chasing the ball is the best way to score goals on the break. In the same way, however, this space must not even be excessive, so as to always be ready to intervene in the action and support the pressing, mentioned above.



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