Original Six have gotten a radical makeover in NHL 19

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In some ways, the latest New York Rangers jerseys fit the template they used decades ago. It is red, white and blue with the diagonal of the team on the front. But this is where the similarities end and start over. The solid red area of the shoulder and the pure white area near the waist are broken by the sloping New York, similar to the beauty of the belt. Not to mention those original white gloves. The official Adidas-designed jersey is one of the most unique ranger helmets in existence. Although the background of this existence is debatable, in fact it only exists in video games.

In the EA Sports NHL 19, Original Six was completely remodeled. A tribute to Digital Six, the first collaboration between Adidas, EA Sports and the Original Six team, who have a say in the final performance of these jerseys in the game. We get together and start thinking about the opportunity to go beyond the barriers that exist in the real NHL and start exploring what we can create in the real world that doesn't exist. This is a very exciting idea, and it's only done in NHL 19, which means we have to break through the boundaries and try something bolder than the team is willing to try if it's a real world, physical design. This is an opportunity for six teams with a lot of traditions and traditions, and fans can understand that they can be understood as conservative and use their brand to do some gradual and exciting things.

The Digital Six jersey will be launched for the first time in the Hockey Ultimate Team mod. These are the oldest and most legendary franchises in the world, based on the craziest market in the world of hockey. The badges and sweaters they wear on the ice are sacred. Merrill said they won't change them easily. But this is digital ice, so it is different. You can also do dekes in Chel, you may never be able to do enough on real ice, we can do things with these digital jerseys that we will never consider for the actual league. Once these restrictions disappear, all teams will have a lot of ideas. We are able to create a whole new level.


The unbalanced color and the star circle around B are like the bears. There are 13 stars representing 13 original colonies because the Bears are the first US franchise for the NHL. If you have a Digital Six jersey that feels safe to play, it's Red Wings. In addition to candy cane socks, this jersey could have been used in outdoor games in Detroit. In fact, it was inspired by the performance of Red Wings in 1926. For more information, visit where you can buy cheap NHL Points. The cheapest NHL Points are waiting for you. According to Adidas, it is inspired by Detroit car history and is decorated with racing stripes for many local muscle cars. While this may seem like an easy way, Dexter says it has a lot to do. I said that he is a Montreal man, so if I have to choose, I will of course choose the design of my favorite team, he said. This is a new expression of the classic Habs jersey design, I like it to feel young when it is integrated into the MTL, while still incorporating the French tradition into its stripes, and the design elements of the traditional badge that passes C to the captain space in the chest. It has just returned home.


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